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Whether you are a corporate executive, a seasoned professional, an entrepreneur, or just getting started in your career, Andree Consulting Group will help you create a business and life you absolutely love. We work on identifying & tackling the things holding you back, leveraging your unique strengths to propel you forward, and empowering you to play at and beyond the level at which you’re meant to be playing.

We describe ourselves as a “strategy & accountability” firm. While you will certainly get a hefty dose of mindset & building mental toughness, you will also be coached on the HOW TO that will enable you to put that newfound mentality to work! It isn’t enough to just WANT IT… have to know precisely HOW to go after it. Unlike other firms, Kristin & her team of strategic partners will coach you on the HOW and hold you accountable to getting things done!

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A career-changing corporate exec, turned entrepreneur, Kristin is a high performance coach, writer, speaker, mom and “tell it like it is” business strategist, dedicated to helping you grow into the person you are meant to be. She calls it like she sees it, tolerates absolutely no BS, and will help you become relentless in the attainment of your goals.


“I absolutely love my career & am fully committed to helping clients reach new levels of success. I used to run the corporate rat race – first in the medical field, and ultimately in finance — climbing the ladder & knowing every day that my future wasn’t quite my own. That wasn’t enough for me…..and, I hope it isn’t enough for you! Whether you own your own business, or are part of a larger corporation, there are things you can do to take control of your future — from a time AND a revenue standpoint (Let’s face it…..if we’re gonna work hard, we might as well get paid REALLY well).

Life is too short to play small. People inherently know this, however, they are lacking strategies to help them level up. That is where we come in. Whether you work with me via private or group coaching, or participate in one of our workshops or speaking engagements, or are a member of our RENEW Community, I promise you, I will not let you play small.

If you’re ready to make your life & your business “ridiculously amazing” (one of my all-time favorite phrases), give us a call today. We’ll dig right in and develop customized strategies to help you live life on your terms…..while having more success, and more fun, than you’ve ever imagined.”


“I am a mom to three amazing (and very energetic) girls. They are my life & as they get older, I find myself in not only in the role of parent, teacher, role model and friend, but also assuming the role of “student.” There are so many lessons we can learn from younger generations when we slow down, engage, and listen.

My girls are close as can be, despite their age differences and very unique personalities, and they absolutely love to laugh – so there’s never a dull moment at the Andree Girls’ house!

I hold a second degree black belt in taekwondo and although I no longer actively compete, the skills and lessons I learned, and the incredible people I met, hold a special place in my heart. During my time on the mat, I won a handful of State & District titles in forms, weapons, combat weapons & sparring — including winning bronze in sparring at the 2017 ATA World Championships.

Other than spending time with family and my incredible inner circle of friends, white sand and turquoise waters, ’80’s music, fabulous shoes, and great wine are sure to put a smile on my face!



"I just attended a Social Media and Social Networking presentation made by Kristin at the WIFS Luncheon meeting. I was so impressed by her clarity, simplicity and relevance. I walked away with several action items I could implement immediately that would allow me to increase the number of referrals and and new prospects I spoke to. I highly recommend her and Andree Media and Consulting. People in business can't afford to NOT have the information she provides!"

Genie McGee



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