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Energize & enlighten your team with an in-person session by one of the business world’s top strategists. Offering keynote presentations, as well as half-day, full-day, and multi-day workshops, Kristin Andree will challenge, empower & equip your team with the necessary tools to help them raise their game.


Finding Your “Uniquifier”

Building your business and your personal brand consists of a variety of pieces, woven together to create the plan for how you will present yourself, and your product or service to the world. The common component in all these pieces is Y-O-U. Kristin will help you uncover your unique gifts, and guide you in leveraging this “uniquifier” to build your business and your brand.

Finding & Engaging Your Ideal Client: The Long-Game AND the Short-Game

The best businesses clearly identify their ideal customer, and continually work to get in front of and engage them. Kristin will equip you with both immediate and long-term strategies to get introduced to your ideal prospect, as well as to build deeper relationships with your top clients and centers-of-influence.

Strategic Planning Workshop

Too often people outline their goals, without taking time to identify the strategies needed to hit them, and then fail to develop systems and accountability structures to ensure their goals are surpassed. In this workshop, Kristin will help you and your team establish objective goals that cover key aspects of your business, and outline specific strategies to ensure those goals are met.

Building a “Rock Star” Team

In this session, Kristin shares what it takes to build the right team for your business and your life: from finding the right players and leveraging their individual strengths, to motivating, inspiring & developing them. Without the right team in place, you business can’t grow to the level it could, so put in the time up front to build it right.

You’re Not for Everyone: But You Can Be FOR Everyone

Based on Kristin’s book, this session teaches you how to be unapologetic in building the life you want - professionally, personally, and financially. In her straight-talking manner, Kristin equips you with real-life strategies that fit your unique unique lifestyle & goals, allowing your to be authentically & unapologetically YOU, while honoring and showing kindness to others in the process.

Don’t Just Say You’re a Trusted Advisor

(For Professional Services Advisors)
Most advisors in the marketplace today tell me they are their client’s “trusted advisor.” The real question is, would your clients say the same? It is not enough to simply SAY you’re trusted, you have to BE trusted. Kristin will guide you through each stage of client acquisition and engagement, to ensure you are building the right relationship with your clients.

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