Is This You?

  • You are a total rockstar, who's ready to level up.

  • You're seeking creative new strategies that will lead you to explosive growth.

  • You love surrounding yourself with accomplished women to learn from & grow with.

  • You have some pretty amazing personal & professional goals you are ready to crush!

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Designed to build community and foster personal & professional growth among female executives & entrepreneurs, our mastermind groups are not your typical study group!


They are engaging, action-packed, transformational, and led by a master certified coach. Read on to learn what you will gain as a member.

The impact a strategic coach can have on your business & your life is immeasurable. Our mastermind groups are designed for women seeking a group coaching setting, while also seeking to leverage the benefits of being part of a community.



It's time to experience what a group of powerhouse women can do when they leverage one another's strengths. Each carefully curated group features successful, driven women looking to form relationships with other like- minded ladies, ready to take their businesses to the next level.

"It all means nothing unless you do something!"


By building mutually beneficial relationships with women who care about one another's success - while being led by a professional coach - our mastermind groups provide the structure & accountability needed to promote massive growth.

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As busy women, we often overlook the need to focus on ourselves. With packed schedules and demanding responsibilities, it is imperative we take the time to slow down a bit - to work ON our business, not just IN it.


Our mastermind groups equip you with cutting-edge strategies to help you grow your business and love your life.


It's not enough to simply want to grow, you have to know HOW to do so. Let us help!


Membership Includes:

  • Curated group of 6-10 members

  • Professionally facilitated monthly meeting (1.5 hours)

    • ​Transformational group coaching

    • Specially developed curriculum designed for female executives and entrepreneurs

    • Top-notch content presented each month

    • Tip sheets and action plans to ensure success

    • Discussion of each member's goals and plan

  • Strategy & accountability needed to grow your business and love your life!

  • Private online group to share monthly content, ideas, tips, and successes

  • Access to private member site containing additional tools & resources

Member Commitments:

  • 12-week commitment (with option to extend)

  • Attendance at meetings (all meetings will be recorded In case you have to miss one!)

  • Be an active participant in meetings

  • Be open to giving & receiving feedback

  • Strive to build mutually beneficial relationships with other members

  • Help others where you can....ask for help when you need it

  • Be open, collaborative & creative

  • Above all.....have fun!

Interested in Joining?